discount genius

Less expensive than name brand genius.

Hello World, This Is John.

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Welcome to my new blog, Discount Genius! I am a computer engineering student at BYU and an independent contractor working on a handful of projects for Renesas Electronics America. I would like to be able to tell you what the future has in store for this blog, but my time machine is still in the early development stages. At this point, I plan to blog about technical things such as engineering projects, code, analysis and product reviews, but I reserve the right to rant, rave and complain about other topics of personal interest to me such as sports, music and comedy.

If my history with blogs repeats itself, you are probably reading this in the year 2015 wishing that I had either written a second post or at least vacated the domain name. I sympathize with you. Have you tried How about replacing the “o” in “discount” with a zero? How are your new alien overlords? Did they successfully quash the zombie apocalypse? Yes, before they went extinct, polar bears were pretty cool. They were a lot like other bears, just white.

Sincerely, John.