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Share This Blog Post for Free Disneyland Tickets!

I guess I probably have to begin by explaining that neither I, nor anyone else is going to give you free Disneyland tickets.  I’m not really sure what I’m going to write about this, and I really shouldn’t be surprised about the level of internet stupidity that is allowing this scam to continue, but come on!

Last week I received multiple invites to a Facebook event with the following text:

Yeah, that looks legit.

Let’s break this down:

A. Disneyland should be all one word

B. The Walt Disney Company had a 2011 profit of $8.8 billion,  but if you’re just going to make up numbers, “$2 Billion” is as good as anything.

C. “giveaway” is a noun.  ”give away” is a verb.

D. Facebook should be capitalized.

E. “The Winners of the Contest?”  Wait… so this is a contest now?  I thought it was a giveaway.

F. I love the change in capitalization strategy.  Apparently Everything in the Lower Third of the Invite is Actually a Title.

G. “Warm Regards, Disneyland”  - Well, at least the scammers are classy.

My initial response:

A little heavy-handed perhaps?

A little heavy-handed?  Perhaps, but the people who had invited me were not close friends or relatives and it wasn’t that great of a loss.  However, people that I would like to remain friends with are starting to fall for this, so here’s a good rule of thumb:

If someone is offering something for free on the internet in exchange for likes, invites, forwards, retweets, +1’s, or any other type of social network visibility, it is a scam.

This is probably not technically true in all situations, but the ratio of real internet philanthropists to fake internet philanthropists is very, very small.  Fake Bill Gates ”shares his fortune” with lazy Americans through the internet (and has since 1997!).  Real Bill Gates donates to a number of different charities.  Fake Apple gives away free iPads.  Real Apple makes you buy your own.

Random observations:

I have yet to receive an invite for this from any of the usual offenders (old people, high school kids).  In fact, all of the invites I’ve received have come from people in their twenties.  Come on, guys… we’re better than that.

I don’t know why Facebook even has a “report scam” option if they don’t actually do anything to take down the offending page/event/user.  Come on, Facebook.  Tighten up your ship.

I should have a third thing to gripe about here.  Come on, John.  Get it together.  Think of a third person to gripe about.