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Help! Someone Stole My Title, Meta Description Tag and Page Rank

High Quality Bitcoin Hat from BTC Gear

A friend and I recently launched BTC Gear, an e-commerce store that accepts Bitcoin as payment. We are currently nailing down distribution deals with an eyewear company and a clothing company, but we launched with just a handful of things including our flagship product, a high quality Bitcoin hat. Most of the Bitcoin hats available online look pretty cheap and terrible and we think we have a unique product that might appeal to a unique set of people.

Since our launch I’ve been reading up on SEO strategies and using any webmaster tools I can find to try to boost our page rank for certain searches. If anybody happens to type “high quality Bitcoin hats” into their search engine, I want them to find us. I have what they’re looking for. You can imagine how upset I was when I was googling ”high quality Bitcoin hats” and I saw this as the second result:

Look closer...

Look closer…

That is MY title and MY meta description tag wrapped around somebody else’s link… to a website that has nothing to do with Bitcoin and everything to do with stealing my page rank. Navigating to the page (not recommended) shows that my title and meta tag are no longer live on their site (if they ever were at all). Edit: It appears they are pointing their URL at my IP address. Not sure why. Although a couple of the links on the first page are about my store, my store does not show up anywhere in the first ten pages. This seems to be isolated to a few keywords, however, as search queries “BTC Gear” and “Bitcoin hats” find us on the first couple pages. Search “quality Bitcoin hats” and once again you find the impostor on page 1 and not a whiff of our main page.

Three Questions

  • How does this happen?

  • How do I fix it?

  • Anybody want to buy a Bitcoin hat?  They’re like, seriously great.


Following some advice on Hacker News, I added a canonical link to my website… I’m not sure if that’s what made the difference, but now THIS!


We’re making progress?

[Update to the update]

We’re back where we started.

Edit: comments at Hacker News here.