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My Tivo Was Making a Terrible Noise

A few months ago, I inherited the use of an old series 1 Tivo that made some terrible sounds somewhat constantly. I would describe the sound as a low-pitched squeal. I blew some canned air into the fan exhaust and the volume of the sound dropped considerably, but has been building since then and further treatments have been ineffective. I finally gave in and replaced the fan and my Tivo is now as quiet as a brand new Tivo (I’m not great with similes). Moral of the story? If your Tivo makes bad noises, a $5 fan might fix it for you.

Also, don’t just google “Tivo fan.” There’s plenty of people who want to sell you a fan for $20. This one works like a champ and was $4.49 with free shipping when I bought it.

"Opened Tivo with new fan installed"

This is my opened Tivo with my new fan installed and my old fan just sitting there like a chump.


I’ve been eyeing Octopress for some time as a nice lightweight blogging platform to replace Wordpress. The zippy static pages are nice when my host is somewhat less than reliable. (Last time I hit the front page on Hacker News, everything broke.) I also like markdown, the simple rsync deploy, the solid, responsive, readable design, and the nerd cred. I might not play World of Warcraft or go to Comic-Con, but I enjoy Doctor Who and I blog with Octopress, so count it.

The transition was significantly aided by exitwp and a couple posts at Bigdinosaur Blog.

That is all.

This Is Not an Image. It’s an HTML Table.

Note: click here to see the “image.” (148.6 kB)

The above image is a snippet of a picture I took while snorkeling in Hawaii last week. If you right click on it, you will notice a conspicuous lack of image-related commands. No “Save image as” or “Copy image.” This is because it is not an image. It is an HTML table with cells 1 pixel wide and 1 pixel high and all the background colors of the rainbow. The size of the HTML is much larger than the original image and it grows proportional to the total number of pixels in the image with no compression whatsoever. So, why would anyone ever want to do this?

My New Custom GUNNARS

My GUNNAR Optiks computer glasses got sat on and rolled over by their careless owner.  A few months earlier, my Von Zipper sunglasses got kicked?  Possibly?  I’m not sure, but they broke.  My solution may seem inelegant, but I was proud of it.  After 15 minutes of tinkering, hacking, and bending, I am again the happy owner of a fully functional pair of GUNNARS.

More pictures and a shameless plug after the break…

Help! Someone Stole My Title, Meta Description Tag and Page Rank

High Quality Bitcoin Hat from BTC Gear

A friend and I recently launched BTC Gear, an e-commerce store that accepts Bitcoin as payment. We are currently nailing down distribution deals with an eyewear company and a clothing company, but we launched with just a handful of things including our flagship product, a high quality Bitcoin hat. Most of the Bitcoin hats available online look pretty cheap and terrible and we think we have a unique product that might appeal to a unique set of people.